Monster Tales Awards

So many tales, stories and emotions. Monster Tales is now a reality and the moment has come to reward your most engaging, passionate and creative stories!

Each week we will elect a “Tale of the Week”, the most exciting story out of those received during that week.
Each month we'll award a “Best Of” prize in recognition of the best written story, the best video, the best photo and the best playlist and, in addition, we'll also award prizes for the best story in the categories of Love, Official DOC Clubs, Women, Track, Travels and Customisation.
A special mention will be given to the most engaging and exciting stories that, in the judges opinion, best express the passion for the bike that is still writing history after twenty years.

Come back and visit us regularly to discover which Monster Tales have won and to tell us your “Monster Experience” whenever you want!



No boundaries Love

10 Anni!!


Evelyn and her second WDW

Special Mention goes to Evelyn and PK beacuse they are ready for their second WDW!! We hope to see there!

the one and only


In St. Valentine's day a Special Mention goes to “Duconly”, who shared with us his DucatiLove! It's always a matter of love. Happy St. Valentine's day to all of you, Monsteristi.

Coffe ride


A Special Mention goes to Nel: riding his Monster 620 across the Costa Rica mountains, he found a special place where taking this funny picture. Thanks Nel!!!

2013 Perth Bikers Christmas Charity Toy Ride


A thanks go to Dazza for sending us this funny picture. Every years he dresses up his Monster with Christmas decorations and reindeers to donate toys for kids at Christmas. This year he decided on Monsters Inc theme!



Spending the time with your Monster is a very good way to start a new year! A special mention goes to Jhoney  for this picture with traditional  dress and very beautiful colors.



How important is restarting after a fall? It’s all. Telling his personal “rebirth”, DesmoThung gives us this beautiful message and teaching. Many thanks , never give up!

Enjoy your freedom! Ducati, it's the way!


“Leave you your... power to draw, And I shall have no... power to follow you” (W.Shakespeare). How do you feel riding a Monster? DesmoNereide describes his personal “Freedom”.

Monster Day, Ducati Club Nederland


A special thanks to Ducati Club Nederland, a Desmo Owner Club which every year organizes the biggest Ducati Monster gathering in the world. Every year a lot of Monsteristi has the chance to share love and passion for the bike that is still writing history. This year the event took place August 25th in Raamsdonk, Noord-Brabant. Great job guys!

Trip to Himalayas on a Ducati Monster 796


Would you have ever believed that a Monster 796 could climb Himalaya mountains? Thanks to this brave couple who crossed one of the world's highest motorable passes: Khardung La (altitude: 5,359 m).

wdw relaxing


A thanks go to the members of Ducati Club Wien for sending us this funny picture. It portrays with a bit of hilarity how strong, deep and unique are the ties that bind someone to Ducati Monster, as well as reminding us that they never loosen, in any circumstance.