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2009 Christmas Charity Toy Ride

Every Christmas thousands of unfortunate and under privileged kids and families not only in my city of Perth, but all over the world hope and wish that they could have some sort of Christmas similar to most other families.
My story is a Perth, Western Australia story and this is where the Salvation Army comes to the rescue. The call goes out to all the Perth Bikers to rally together on the first Saturday of December to donate all sorts of toys, money and non perishable foods with the help from local Perth Bike Club, Bikes Unlimited.
Together with The Salvo’s they organise a great ride which usually attracts approximately 5000 Motorcycles and is certainly a sight to see.
I rally up our Ducati Club members and we meet at our Club Rooms and then head to the main departure point. It is a fantastic sight to see so many Motorcyclists in the same place at the same time for this special Christmas Charity Ride.
At the end of the ride which usually takes approximately 45 minutes from the time the first bikes depart the starting point until the last bikes arrive at the finishing point and that’s where everyone donates their gifts to The Salvo’s who later distribute to under privileged families for their kids at Christmas.
All up I have been doing this for the past 15 years turning my Ducati Monster into a Ducati Sleigh by mounting 2 Reindeer on the front and decorating my monster up in Christmas Decorations and tinsel. I load it up with toys and for the past 10 years I have been dressing up as a character to make the day even better.
Everyone loves it, especially the kids. I get all sorts of laughs and cheers and it gives me such a buzz to see the smiles and laughter and joy that I bring to all the families and the kids.
I have been on my Ducati Monster for the past 7 years so I hope you enjoy the photos.
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