Blank Blank

A fantasy becoming a reality

Let's rewind to October 11th, 2013., I was 19 years old. I owned a smaller bike for about 6 months because my father, an owner of a motorcycle school would not allow me to start off on a big bike. Which of course, I respected to the fullest. As the time went on, I just couldn't handle being such an experienced rider on such a small bike so I made a plan with my father. I get a job, I ride this for 6 months, I recieve no tickets, no fines, and then I'm allowed to get a Ducati. We agreed. I got a job at a local BMW dealership, worked 45+ hours a week while taking 5 classes. I was insane. Or was I? A chance to own a bike I've been dreaming of since I was 10. The months went on and January was creeping up. Again, the deal was 6 months but I can start looking now, right? What's the worst that could happen. So I look every day. eBay, Craigslist, dealers, cycle trader. I can't find the one I want. Before I know it, it's March. So things start to get a little more serious. Haven't had any tickets. Still working. Still saving every penny I had. Next thing I know, it's April... close enough. 5 months. I couldn't take it anymore. I found the exact bike I wanted.. sorta. A 2007 Black S2R1000. April 14th, 2014, a day I will never forget. I went to the guy's house, test rode it, fell in love, gave him the cash, and off I was. But I just had one problem. It wasn't red. And I didn't want a red one because i wasn't a fan of the white wheels. So when one acccomplishment is done, another one begins. I want to make this thing red. It's a DUCATI. It HAS to be red. It's like a black Ferrari. It just doesn't make sense. So I spend months on eBay searching piece by piece for Red Ducati S2R bodywork. It took 5 months, but eventually they were sorted. The bike was red. But wait, this bike has a dry clutch... and timing belts. It's a piece of art. I need to show those things off. So pressure plates and a clutch cover was also found. And of course, clear timing belt covers. This was the bike of my dreams. The bike I've planned in my head for years. A red with white stripe S2R1000 with a black frame and black wheels. Clear covers, rizoma add ons, and small bits to make it my own. Unique. It took about 2 years, but today I actually have a bike that I didn't think I'd own until I was 30-35. I'm 22, and it's been on the track with me, it's been on trips with me, it's been to bike week with me, it's been 17k miles with me and even though a Panigale is in my future, I will NEVER sell this bike. I had a plan, I worked at it, and I made it happen. I have a bike that I'm not only proud of but a bike that has helped me be the person I am today because of the effort that went into making this bike EXACTLY what I wanted. That's my tale. And I hope, that someday, someone, somewhere, will take this, and make a monster of their own.