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A new ground

3 Years ago .... A new ground, Motorbike. Me as a beginner, not sure what bike is good for me... walking into a Ducati Store and see "her" ... A Monster 620 ... asked for a testdrive ... get on the machine ... run the motor, first love ...the sound ... wow! ... first gear, KLOCK ... the first meters ..the 2. love the feeling of the L2 Motor ... 13 km testdrive ... came back to Ducati Melle ... the chef smiled at me and I smiled back ...

one day later I bought the monster 620
my first bike, my first ducati...never had problems with "her "

but in a few month I give this beautful bike to a new beginner that he/she will have a grate time with this monster to and I buy myself a 796 or 1100 Monster :)