Blank Blank



Christmas is that special time of the year to get together and share the joy with family and friends and give out lots pf presents.

I love this time of year as I dress my Ducati Monster up with 2 Reindeer at the front, Christmas Tinsel and dress up in various costumes and do the annual Christmas Charity Rides.

On Christmas Day I dress up as Santa, load my bike up with my presents and head off to deliver them to my Grand Children. (see photo)

The laughs and thumbs up and the smiles I get from people in passing cars on the way is just fantastic, even better, the excitement on my grandkids faces when they hear me coming up the road and run outside to greet me. When they see me dressed as Santa it just lights their little faces up with screams of joy and excitement and I give out the deep Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas.

Other kids in the street also look out and point and yell out with excitement, its awesome, I love it and I get just as excited as the kids.

My Grandkids cant wait for me to unload my Ducati sleigh and head inside to give them their presents.
The day goes to quick then I have to wait a whole 12 months to do it all again.

I'm looking forward to Christmas Day again this year to do it all again and light up the many faces and fill them with the Christmas Joy. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and its just as much fun as mine.