From the Beginning and Onward

My very first bike was a 2010 Ducati Monster 696. I spent two years looking for the perfect bike before I found this iconic masterpiece. It was my entry into a new world. I started off riding for fun and eagerly took to the intermediate track group after my first year. While other superbikes barreled down the straights, I kept ahead of the pack by mastering the corners (often pulling away or matching advanced riders). I have never experienced more freedom than when I am hugging the asphalt at high speeds. Unfortunately, everyone has their first wreck on the track at some point. While I was trying to increase my speed, and already hanging completely off my Monster, I took a turn too wide and slid out. The monster caught a foot peg on the concrete grooves as well as myself. We both rolled a few times (separately) where I miraculously landed on my feet to mourn over my totaled bike. Thanks to the support of my fellow Ducatisti I now have a beautiful 2014 1200S to continue on the track and still comfortably enjoy the open road. Being able to have so much fun riding on any surface is a true testament to the Ducati name and I am proud to be a Monsterista!