Blank Blank

Love at first sight!!

Been a pillion on & off for many years on the back of my hubby's bikes. I was looking at bike magazines in a shop about 5 years ago and on the front was an older Monster. I bought the magazine because of the cover and went home to read all about these lovely looking bikes. From that moment i decided to get on and pass my bike test. Took me about a year to do in total and my first 'big' bike was Marco an M600 1997 in red with lovely stubby cans. I collected it on my birthday and just loved it! When looking through that magazine it was the 695 in the black colourway (with the lovely red frame) that really caught my eye but i wanted an older bike at first to get miles under my belt. About a year later i found my
perfect 695 with Termi exhausts and have loved every minute of riding it. His name is simply 'The Boy' I will have him for many years, as no other bike has caught my eye. If ever it does, The Boy will probably stay too!!! He is always admired and people double take when they hear that lovely deep rumbling sound.