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Mariano S4R

story of a Ducati ....
Ducati has always been a dream since childhood, even if existed
other bikes from other brands, have a Ducati has always been a goal
that has been conditioned for various reasons, until after 7
years without any bike, began to emerge the desire have again a
two-wheeled vehicle and was at this time, that a Ducati began
make perfect sense. In 2007, I was very surprised with the gift on
father´s day, my gift as the Monster S4R
The S4R ,had alterations after a few months, because I knew others
Ducati fans and because i want to go to the race track.

The changes were necessary to enable better use in circuit and in response to
this need, the Monster S4R began to change, some simple,
other deep level to the engine that made it a real
consumer of fuel, 14 to 16 L/100 and cyclist who made it
a real machine devouring tarmac.
with a very strong start, from 0 to 100km / h is almost scary do with full trottle
despite being a machine that when is driven ,is to give the
maximum performance but when is resting, is indoors, away from
the heat and from the cold ... in 2010, Troy Bayliss was impressed with the
sound exiting this desmoquatro ...