Me and My Monster in Misano

I owned a 696 when they first came out and loved it for a year, but it didnt have enough grunt for me and my wife, so we parted. I didnt have to wait too long before ducati built the right monster for me, the 1100S which I bought in 2010. It took me another year to add my personal touch and then WDW was announced for 2012.
I needed a plan, the wife wouldnt want to ride to Italy and I had always wanted a Motorhome, so simple, I knew what I needed to do. I bought a new motorhome in November 2011, with a garage at the back, job done?, not quite. Although the bike would technically fit the door opening was too narrow, so Rizoma to the rescue. New bars, bar ends, mirrors, levers, cut off 150mm off the bars and, with a new Fiamma moto carrier in the back, hand winch to pull the monster in we were sorted with one day to spare. drove 350 miles to dover across the tunnel, thru france, switzerland and Italy and the Monster arrived in Riccione. Next day rode to the circuit, did a track session on her and had an official photograph taken together (see attached)
Best holiday, bike weekend, experience i've had, thanks to Ill monstro.