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MS Can't Stop a Monster

It's always been a dream to own a matte black Ducati Monster, and thanks to my wonderful husband, Fred this dream became a reality this fall when he found one for my birthday.

There was a reason behind getting the bike for my bday. Yes, it's true, we probably cannot afford it, but Fred was insistent that I get one. You see, I was diagnosed this year with Multiple Sclerosis. When the shock settled that we will be dealing with this for the rest of our lives, he started his search for my dream bike. With the help of our sales guy - another Fred ( fate?) - one was found in a matter of weeks and I ride it every day that I can.

We will always have bills to pay and things that need fixed, updated, etc. But when life throws a wrench in your long term plans, things change. Don't come up with excuses to put off what you really want or desire. You never know when you won't be able to go on that trip, change jobs...or ride that bike.