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My Monster Tale - the road to Freedom

On upon a time there was a little girl dreaming of the wild wide world. She decided to have a bike someday but her mother was completely against , although she rides with her husband a Harley.little girl went on with dreaming and the years passed. With 19 years, there was no bike-dream anymore...she had to pay the rent for her flat and the bills for her car. But somewhere deep in her heart the feeling of freedom wanted to be lived. Her best friend got himself a new ktm and both of them had lot of fun with it.but he always said 'I need to get a Ducati before my 30th birthday". Why a Ducati? "Because Ducati is the word for passion,freedom,history and I want to be part of it" . Alright, good argument. One year later, the ktm had problems with ignition and mister B. Needed a new bike. So he took his best friend, our girl, into every bike shop around the city. There was Kawasaki, honda,Suzuki,mv Augusta and finally Ducati. This was the time where the new 1100 monster evo was published and....he fell in love. No other bike produced such emotions and gave the feeling of proud to him. From that day on, the both were more on the road than at home. Our girl was so happy but still there was something missing. After keeping money for a couple of years she subscribed in a driving school and after 3 months she was officially licensed to drive a bike. Now the same question for her was: which bike shall I take? She decided to have a Suzuki gsxr 750 , but her mother was crying for three days "please don't do it! You'll have an deadly accident ! The bike is much to fast for you!"mmmh,well... What's the alternative? Yes.a monster. The old 600, she was beautiful AND cheaply to get. So she bought herself her first bike- a monster metallic 600, which sparkles in the sun like a disco ball- a real girl bike. A monster has character and so the first weeks weren't so easy for human and machine. But they fit very well together and meanwhile they are the best team ever. And every tour, every adventure gets the two closer. Last year she had an accident bud a few months later she lost the bike key in Italia - now stories to laugh :) you know what's best? Today she would be able to drive a bike with more ps - but she doesn't want to. The monster I will stay a lifetime with her and nobody else will ever ride it. Because she's part of passion, freedom and history- the Ducati feeling.