Blank Blank

Nothing but great times

My Monster was my first bike, and I couldn't have been any happier. A scrappy little 600 originally from Oregon, it made it's way to San Francisco to join me in adventuring throughout the city, escorting my girlfriend at the time to San Jose, and various oyster runs to Tomales Bay and beyond. I lived 2 blocks from school, 5 blocks from work and still managed over 600 miles a week - at least gas was a little cheaper then! Never did I show up with a frown, regardless of riding through pouring rain to show up at crappy catering gigs, getting sideways to avoid drivers that couldn't put a phone down, or any of life's little quivers. Sadly the bike had to go, as I also had to leave San Francisco, but I hope the high mount GP pipes are still burbling down the streets.