The Canyonlands

Riding through the Canyonlands of Utah, everything I need within arm's reach. Tent, sleeping bag, fuel, food, water, supplies, all on the back of my Monster. I am all by myself, and there is not a soul in sight, yet I have never felt so alive. The setting sun casts long shadows ahead of me. The canyon cliffs ahead stretch out into the distance, disappearing faintly into the haze like a mirage in the desert. It's time to head to the campsite for the night and set up my night's rest. I snap a few more photographs, and then thumb the starter button on the bike. The engine roars to life, its familiar rumble assuring me that I am not quite all alone out here.

No, I am not alone. I have come through all the deserts of the American Southwest. There is not a moment quite like this one, a moment I will remember for as long as I live, and it is my Monster that brought me here.