Blank Blank

The proposal

When my wife and I started dating, one of the first thing we did was take the MSF course together and get our motorcycle licenses. A couple years, and a house later, we'd never bought bikes, but were planning to get married. One day, my wife jokingly said, "whenever you propose, you don't have to get me a big diamond ring, a Ducati will do..." I ended up getting her a ring of course, but what she didn't realize was that I also had gotten the Ducati, a Monster 620. I happened to get myself an M800 right around the same time. I presented her with the bike explaining that I never wanted to loose sight of our future, and that the journey towards it with her was what was most important, so this was how we'd travel that journey together. Here is my now, wife of almost 4 years moments after receiving her engagement Ducati.