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This is a true story of a Colombian Ducatista my own.

This is a true story of a Colombian Ducatista my own. What I would call a real life case.

Being an independent trial lawyer knew the case of a woman who being sick and elderly; her husband died in a tragic motorcycle accident; I also saw his only son, he chose the career of police in Colombia racked by drug violence and crime guerrillas.

He told the lawyer Mrs. Ducatista that her husband never traded for pension but your child does. Unfortunately his son also died in a motorcycle accident unusual; when he was Agent of the National Police of Colombia, with little experience of 1 year, when he went to hear a case police in March 1998; his bike on a curve and lost stability died, almost the same as his father died.

For the lawyer's experience Ducatista; this explained to the lady that her son for no more than 15 years of service as an active police denied her, her mother's pension of his son. But under Article 46 of the 1993 Act, the general pension scheme in a short process, you may recognize him as a lawyer lifetime pension for the death of his son.

The lawyer initiating the process being understood that its office in Bogota would have to travel almost 6 hours round trip to attend the Administrative Court of Tunja, to represent his client in the oral hearing.

Because if the lawyer does not attend and fails to attend the hearing; Judge your customer by operation of law, be denied his client pension forever.

As it Ducatista attorney notified the date and time of the hearing in the city of Tunja knowing he would have to get up early to be on time and be able to defend his client.

Since that day when I had to get up early, in the middle of the night set his alarm clock in his bedroom; it being connected to the power was turned off by a drop light, restarted and thus set up is des. Therefore the alarm to get up early that day never rang.

Why the Advocate Ducatista, taking home two 4x4 trucks of different brands. And a Ducati Monster 1200, model 2014. And knowing that I had an hour and twenty (1:20) minutes late; did not think twice and quickly dresses, all equipped with knee pads, boots, etc .; It turns on your bike, your helmet sets and roaring from your machine shoots out through the garage toward the audience cited by the Court in another city.

So, coming late rush hour, where they circulate through the streets of Bogotá all workers who rise early in their cars, rolled zigzag between cars, trucks and motorcycles lower cylinder capacity. Achieving Ducatista miraculously in record time and out of Bogota and take the highway to the city of Tunja.

Without knowing it had already managed to recover nearly 39 minutes apart, because in his truck this time had lost rush hour on city streets.

Following the road and the speed limit allowed, the lawyer Ducatista implemented two (2) courses Ducati Ride Experience - DRE. DARIO dictated by marquetti, great driver and his friend DAVID SARMIENTO Ducati Colombia.

She lying on his Monster 1,200 in all curves, the maximum performance achieved by a motorcycle road and unknowingly again managed to recover another 36 minutes from time lost by his alarm clock.

Arriving just in time to the court of the city of Tunja, he entered the courtroom with no tie dress, as is tradition in Colombia, to celebrate this hearing. But wearing his jacket DAINESSE DARK Ducatisti his red boots, helmet and gloves. To which all lawyers in the room, including the judge, thought he had reached one more witness. But they never imagined that was the lawyer for the plaintiff.

Ducatista lawyer explained to all present what happened to her alarm clock; who understood what happened just decided they laughed and let him go on like this dress, continuing the hearing. At the end of the judgment he was issued in favor of his client.

Customer who thanked him for his help crying attorney Ducatista. But the lawyer decided to tell the subject that never rang alarm clock time; Also I explain how I make it on time to the important audience with his bike DUCATI MONSTER, who disbelievingly asked him to show him the bike. Already facing the DUCATI MONSTER RED, his client began to mourn irony and so it's happiness.

It is ironic that my client has lost her husband and son police, both in horrible accidents, motorcycle driving. But my DUCATI MONSTER driving to the limit, has achieved today pensionarla.

This testimony is a real-life case, and attest, thanks to my DUCATI MONSTER 1200. My client is pensioned by the power, capacity, torque and flexibility of my bike; as it was impossible that I had arrived in time to defend my client.

Thanks DUCATI ....