Blank Blank

Two Monsters

After riding dirt growing up and blowing up my 1980 Yamaha 650 Special II as I attempted a freeway onramp, I took the jump and got the 2005 Monster 620ie after planning all of my Monster customization and upgrades for years before. A low side into a ditch while dodging a cow game me the opportunity to get some good custom work done. Just over a year and a half after betting the bike I sold it and joined the Navy. I kept my hands on my 749s track bike and put it back on the street but always wanted to get a Monster for my street riding. The Superbike just didn't feel comfortable on the street. I low sided the 749s early one morning on the way to work by hitting a large oil dump from a car before me and found the 2007 Monster S4R Testastretta after coming home from Afghanistan. I'm back to having a Monster for my daily commute and my girlfriend and I couldn't be happier to have someone to ride with us ;-)