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The Monster that Changed it all

After many years riding a Lambretta, I always thought I'd be too short for a "big bike", until I met Edna, my Monster 695. . I'm currently looking to plan next year's World Ducati Week trip, and may go even further afield. I've made so many friends in the UK Monster Owner Club, it's like a second family to me, even if a slightly disfunctional one! Meeting the wider global Ducati family at WDW last year was amazing, everyone had a smile on their face, and it was amazing to feel part of such a great community.

My Monster has mended my broken heart time and time again, and given me so many adventures, and made me conquer my fears, I've gone from being the wobbly nervous rider, to blasting round Misano and Silverstone, riding up mountains in Italy, taking me to World Ducati Week, and many more adventures.

I'll never be scared of an adventure again, knowing I've got a Monster on my side, and the Ducati family across the world. More adventures at