Torna indietro
Blank Blank

When the bike was finally finished..

I decided to go to a friend's country house 100 km away for a bbq, I could have gone by car, I could have even told my friend to go in his car for pure comfort. But I wasn't going to, not after all the repairs, doctors, bandages I had to wear for too long...I still wear a tight on my leg today.
A pretty hard hit I got just a few weeks after I bought my beautifful White Ducati Monster 696+, I was going to the university in Madrid, my city, calm and happy when a taxi just crossed my way. Nothing too bad except a very very swollen leg (and it's still swolen 2 years after).. A broken teeth, and a small surgery on the other leg. The bike was destroyed.
The insurance won't pay for the repairs, and I didn't have that kind of money.
I didn't know what to do so I decided to repair it at home, I was lucky enough to have two good friends to help me with it. After 3 months we did It, buying everything we could on ebay, local small shops, forums... We even were lucky enough to find cheap covers with a very unique colour on a ducati monster.
That is the result of the repairs.
A few months later, I finally went to Trial against the taxi driver and I won.